Greetings and the warmest of welcomes to this spooky space.  There are a variety of things to peruse here, a bit of animation, a bit of writing, a bit of nothing in particular.  This is a cobbled collection of many things I love to do, please take a stroll and if you have any questions, comments, or any conversation topics at all please contact me by clicking below. 

A Bit About me

I am an aspiring animator, writer and general creator who resides in the beautiful Albertan countryside.  There are many things I love to do, but one of my most enjoyable is sharing creative energies of any kind.  That is what inspired me to create this space.  It is a way for me to connect with other artists (in my opinion, everyone is an artist whether they are aware of it or not;)  

In general, I am a lover of stop-motion animation.  I am an admirer of all things tactile and textural, and I always strive to celebrate the imperfections of art in my work.  Most of my films are created using puppet stop-motion with wire armatures, but I also enjoy animating paper cutouts as well.  It is such a magical feeling to be able to make inanimate objects come to life.  

I also like drinking chai lattes, brisk autumn breezes, scarecrows, snowmen, theatre puppetry, jazz music, collecting pumpkins, Halloween, watching Buster Keaton silent films and reading PG Wodehouse books.